View of Brotherswater close to the camp site


Fancy camping but don't fancy struggling to set up a tent when you arrive? Hire one of Nomad's Native American Tipis and they'll set it up ready for your arrival. At the end of your tipi camping adventure, there's no need to worry about dismantling the tipi either, as they'll take care of that for you, too!

Tipis are symbolic of the Native American tribes but in fact have been used across Asia and America. They have been used for over 500 years as a fantastic transportable home for nomadic tribes. Nomad Event’s tipis are made from 100% duck cotton canvas treated with waterproofer, fire retardant and rot proofing. The atmosphere in a tipi still retains its original, enchanting magic, and allows a small fire inside whilst staying warm and comfortable.

Comfortable camping in Native American Tipis is a joy. Nomad create your own space at Sykeside with access to all our camping facilities.

For more information please contact,  or call 01539 242424 or visit their website at

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